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Class Start at 6:00pm in Sackville, Portland and Tantallon, Joe Howe. And 6:30 in Bedford, Braemar and Barrington Street.

Store Locations
Sackville - (902) 864-2299
​Bedford   - (902) 832-3117
​Braemar- (902) 463-4619
​Portland Street - (902) 462-0101
Barrington- (902) 492-3240
Joe Howe- (902) 453-1080
Tantallon- (902) 826-3190

Liquid Gold - Sunnyside Mall Bedford

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call 902-835-8809

2018 Class Descriptions

Tasting Menu of Chef Lauren's Favourite Dishes

June 27th - Bedford

July 19th - Tantallon


please let us know if you are gluten free so we can have an alternative for you :)

  1. Mini taster of Mushroom Clams
  2. Crunchy Rubbed Kale Caesar Salad with Coconut Bacon
  3. Asian Veggie Steam Bun
  4. Wild Mushroom Rissotto (Bonus recipe!)
  5. 3 Bite Vegan Donair
  6. Matcha Lime Cheesecake with toasty sweet maple Aquafaba (chickpea Meringue)

Vegetarian "Seafood" Delights

June 12th - Joe Howe

June 25th - Barrington Street


This class will be gluten-free

Tonight lets try something different. Lauren has mastered the techniques in creating the best vegetarian see food. Starting with her Hearts of Palm “Calamari”, Carrot and Artichoke “feesh” cakes, and finally her Top Chef Canada Famous Mushroom Scallops that she will serve with a secret Nantucket island basil linguini.

Vegan Comforts

July 18th - Bedford

July 31st - Braemar

please let us know if you are gluten free so we can have an alternative for you :)

Start your warm southern night with some sweet corn hush puppies (A small crispy ball made of a cornmeal based batter). Then explore the world of plant based Veggie-Chicken and pair that with whole grain Waffles served with a side of mini vegan mac and cheese and garlic fried collard greens. Finally finish with a cartelized pecan pie parfait.

Veggie Campfire Foods

July 5th - Tantallon

July 16th - Barrington Street

please let us know if you are gluten free so we can have an alternative for you :)

Summer is the time for enjoying the longer nights and treats around the campfire. Tonight Lauren will show you some of her favourite recipes for summer snacks! Start with a simple 5 Ingredients spinach dip - baked to perfection over the fire. Then learn how to make a traditional crock pot chili and turn that into a campfire baked chili cheese fries with whole made cashew cheese sauce and all the fixins. Then finally finish with a wood fried baked smore dip.

Semi Hands On Class

Plant Based Sushi Night

July 10th - Braemar

July 17th - Joe Howe

August 14th - Barrington Street

August 1st - Bedford 

Tonight we will go over the maki roll basics. But it wouldn't be a cooking class with Chef Lauren if it wasn't a little bit different. Lauren will show you some new-to-sushi ingredients so instead of the highly processed white rice - think short grain brown rice, quinoa, and cauliflower instead! Lauren will even give you her recipe for making no-fish-fish roe made with beets! To go with the rolls Lauren will also demo how to make oven baked tempura vegetables (a gluten free, healthy twist) and an orange ginger mixed green salad.