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Class Starts at 6:30pm with the exception of the Sackville, Portland and Tantallon locations that start at 6:00pm

Store Locations
Sackville - (902) 864-2299
​Bedford   - (902) 832-3117
​Braemar- (902) 463-4619
​Portland Street - (902) 462-0101
Barrington- (902) 492-3240
Joe Howe- (902) 453-1080
Tantallon- (902) 826-3190

Liquid Gold - Sunnyside Mall Bedford

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2018 Class Descriptions

Knife Skills

March 26 - Barrington

Tonight we cover everything you need to know about knives and how to use them in your kitchen. We will start by learning how to sharpen, hone, and even how to hold your knife. Then we will move through the basics of how to chop, dice, mince, chiffonade and more! Then we will use our basic cuts to prepare a delicious meal - Tonight enjoy your chopped fruits and veggies by eating a veggie quinoa spring roll, a delicious miso soup and a spiced apple upside down cake.  

Veggie Pizza Party

April 4 - Portland

April 5 - Sackville

The most important part of making pizza is making the dough. Tonight Lauren will show a traditional method dough and a gluten free dough. After learning the art of dough-making and kneading you will play around with different sauces (red sauce, white sauce and pesto) then fun different and delicious toppings - even learning how to make plant based mozzarella cheese using tapioca to set the cheese. Finish the night with a yummy caramel apple dessert pizza. 

Mexican Veggie Night

April 17 - Braemar

April 24 - Joe Howe

Tonight Lauren’s menu includes; Red pozole (hominy soup - hold the pork), Sopes which are thicker corn based tortillas which Lauren will top with mexican spiced tempeh, vegetables and a smoky sauce. Learn how to make a green salsa from scratch and finish with a tres leeches cake (3 milks) - using all plant based milks. 

Plant Based Proteins

March 28th - Portland

April 30 - Barrington

please let us know if you are gluten free so we can have an alternative for you :)

Where to Vegans get their protein? Maybe you didn't know but the options are endless! Tonight you will sample some of the wonderful high protein options and learn the recipes that go along with it. Start by learning how to make Seitan two ways ( a vegetarian protein made with wheat). The first way will be Seitan “Ribs then Seitan Bacon. Then enjoy a protein fuelled Tempeh (fermented soy protein) “Fish” with veggie chips and finish with a Nutty Organic Peanut Butter and Chia Seed Pie. 

Veggie Street Food Party

March 20 - Braemar

April 10 - Joe Howe

April 11 - Bedford

April 18 - Portland

Tonight we will visit 4 Countries and taste some of the most popular Vegetarian street food Items. First we will land in India for Pakoras (A mixture of potatoes, spices and mixed veggies fried to perfection). The we will head over to Egypt for the national dish called Koshari which is a mix of rice, macaroni noodles, and spiced lentils baked into one single concoction. Our third stop will be China for Steamed Asian Mushroom Dumplings. For dessert we will enjoy some Peruvian Picrones - made with a bright-orange local squash and sweet potato mashed into a purée and fried like a donut.