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Class Start at 6:00pm in Sackville, Portland and Tantallon, Joe Howe. And 6:30 in Bedford, Braemar and Barrington Street.

Store Locations
Sackville - (902) 864-2299
​Bedford   - (902) 832-3117
​Braemar- (902) 463-4619
Barrington- (902) 492-3240
Joe Howe- (902) 453-1080

Liquid Gold - Sunnyside Mall Bedford

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2018 Class Descriptions

Veggie Fall Flavours

October 1st - Barrington Street

October 2nd - Joe Howe

October 4th - Sackville

October 11 - Bedford

October 23 - Braemar


please let us know if you are gluten free so we can have an alternative for you :)

Warm up to a comforting feast with Lauren’s fall flavours. Start with cauliflower tacos and carrot chipotle cream. The dive into a creamy pumpkin pasta with toasted walnuts, crispy sage and smoky coconut bacon. And tickle your tastebuds with her favourite recipe for healthy sweet potato mousse topped with a gluten free soft ginger cookie and apple crumble topping.

Vegan Cheese 2.0

November 5th - Barrington Street

November 21- Bedford

November 27 - Braemar

please let us know if you are gluten free so we can have an alternative for you :)

Delight and impress your friends with the tastes of dairy free cheese! This is one of the most popular classes that Lauren has taught so she is reinventing all her old favourite cheese recipes. 

First you will learn how to make an impressive cheese board starting with macadamia nut goat-free “cheese”, white bean spreadable “cheese”, a melty “cheese” fondue and a sliced gorgonzola “cheese” served with an assortment of veggies and crackers. Then enjoy a healthy serving of smoked butternut “cheddar” with oven roasted broccoli. And it isn't a cheese free class until you finish off with a zesty Banana Cream Pie. (suggested $30 for price)

Annual Holiday Vegan Feast

December 6th - Sackville

December 10th - Barrington

December 11 - Braemar

December 12 - Bedford

please let us know if you are gluten free so we can have an alternative for you :)

The holiday season is finally here and Top Chef Canada contestant Chef Lauren Marshall is excited to share some of her favourite holiday recipes with you! Your flavourful festive feast will include a vegan charcuterie board for you to sample plant based pate and cheeze. The you will enjoy a Holiday Chick-fu Roast (Chickpea and Tofu Based Roast) served with a tangy cranberry gravy, roasted asparagus and a micro wintergreen salad. For dessert you will make chewy, rich millionaire shortbreads (Layered shortbread cookies with caramel and fudge topping)

Semi Hands On Class

Plant Based Sushi Night

November 1st - Bedford

November 6th - Joe Howe

November 13 - Braemar

Tonight we will go over the maki roll basics. But it wouldn't be a cooking class with Chef Lauren if it wasn't a little bit different. Lauren will show you some new-to-sushi ingredients so instead of the highly processed white rice - think short grain brown rice, quinoa, and cauliflower instead! Lauren will even give you her recipe for making no-fish-fish roe made with beets! To go with the rolls Lauren will also demo how to make oven baked tempura vegetables (a gluten free, healthy twist) and an orange ginger mixed green salad.