Private Meal Prep Session

Rates include time grocery shopping and menu design:

1/2 Day (4 hours in home + consultation) : $250
1-Day (7 hours in home + consultation) : $400   

**Cost of Ingredients not included 


Sauces & Dressings
nut or seed mayo
nut garlic cream sauce
cauliflower alfredo sauce
walnut and sundried tomato sauce
raw tomato sauce
asian peanut sauce
tahini lime sauce
teriyaki sauce
healing turmeric sauce
chia seed jam
pumpkin seed & kale pesto
apple cider vinaigrette
creamy Sea-ser dressing
balsamic vinaigrette
fresh almond butter

asian cabbage Salad
gluten free Parsley and Kale tabouleh
nori salad rolls with dipping sauce
quinoa & apple salad
curried sorghum salad
red potato and lentil salad with mustard dressing
chickpea and pesto salad

almond cheese wheel
squash cheese sauce
sunflower sour cream

Bars or Power balls
black bean brownies
nutty oatmeal cookies
protein bars
granola bars
chickpea chocolate chip cookies
peppermint patty bars
almond butter chews

maple buckwheat granola
gluten free zucchini muffins
gluten free carrot muffins
gluten free apple muffins

sweet Potato or mashed cauliflower sheppard’s pie
thai curry & sticky brown rice bake
enchilada casserole with black beans and brown rice spirals
organic tofu quiche (choose from mushroom & leek or sundried tomato and kale) butternut squash mac and cheese
scalloped potatoes and tempeh bacon
maple baked lentils or beans

Organic Spice Blends/ Rubs (3 month + shelf life)
(good for seafood, oven baked veggies, grilled mushrooms etc) 

Italian Blend

Old Bay
Jerk Rub
Cajun Spice

Breads & Starches 
gluten free focaccia brown
rice flat bread
organic corn tortilla
quinoa millet bread flax buns
quinoa pizza or pizza crust
creamy mushroom rice
herb roasted potatoes

Savoury Cakes and Burgers
chickpea fritters
quinoa meat balls
mushroom millet burgers
sweet potato and artichoke cakes
lentil loaf
gnocchi with maple butternut squash cream
pulled vegetable tamales
beet burgers

spiralized veggies (last 5 days)
roasted curried veggies (lasts 4 days or can freeze)
stuffed portobello mushrooms (lasts 4 days or can freeze)
Lauren’s gluten free lasagna (tomato or pesto base)